• Laura Martin

Community Impact: Why We Love to Volunteer

I recently finished a nine-year stint on the Board of Directors at New Hope Ministries, stepping down only because my term was fulfilled. Sometimes people ask why I served.

Actually, the answer is simple. I volunteered for New Hope because I wanted to do it. I believe in the organization’s simple, Christian faith-based mission of providing help to those who need it. That’s how I was raised and how I’m raising my own daughters. I believe helping others is one of the cornerstones of a well-lived life.

That’s one reason I was thrilled when we joined the SVN® network two years ago. Several of the company’s Core Covenants, which personify the SVN culture and guide our professional conduct, speak directly to the importance of community. That’s a value we hold near and dear at SVN|Latus.

To me, one of the most critical ways to uphold community values is volunteering because we want to, not because we should. My colleagues believe the same thing. We support a wide range of causes around the office, and often we enjoy doing it together.

Over the next few months, we will highlight some of our favorite causes on our social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter). We’d love to hear what organizations you support, too.

Here are four reasons why SVN|Latus prioritizes giving back to our community.

1. We all need help at one time or another.

Asking for and accepting help is not easy. We believe we are strengthened as a community when people come together because they know it is the right thing to do — and someone else would do the same for them.

We see this in real estate, too. We approach our deals with a collaborative mindset. You never know what someone else is going through and how much help they may need. Your kindness could and should make the difference in a bleak day.

2. We enjoy doing it.

Over the years, we’ve participated in litter cleanup days, assisted with food pantries, completed walks to raise money and awareness of chronic illnesses. We can honestly say we liked it every time.

Volunteering offers a chance to connect with people you might not meet under other circumstances. It also gets you out of the house and doing something we can feel good about. Plus, we learn things about our co-workers that we may not have seen in the office environment, which strengthens our team.

3. We feel connected to the community.

Real estate is about property, but it’s also about relationships. We like getting to know others. We like learning about the area and the people who make it great. Volunteering is one more way for us to feel connected, and we value the relationships we have grown when we all feel passionate about a cause.

4. We know who’s watching.

As anyone who’s ever accidentally said a bad word in front of a toddler knows, kids absorb everything. We show them what’s important to us by dedicating time to causes we consider worthy. The young people of today become the leaders of tomorrow, and by seeing us volunteer, they discover the value of giving back when they are old enough to choose how they spend their time.