• Laura Martin

What We’re Thankful For, 2020 COVID Edition

Every year during the holidays, people list the things they’re thankful for. We always enjoy this annual demonstration of gratitude, but this year we think it’s even more important than most.

It’s been a year unlike any other, and there’s been a lot of frustration about the chaos that COVID-19 has brought into our lives. While there are things to mourn, we also believe the pandemic has introduced positive changes to our lives.

So often, your happiness is determined not by your circumstances but by your attitude. When you adjust your mindset, you can find the good in any situation. We’re all about seeing the silver linings here at SVN | Latus, so we invited our team to share the unexpected highlights that have come about because of COVID. Here are a few things we’re thankful for this holiday season, COVID-style.

1. Exploring New Places and Meeting New People

Remember how good it felt to get outside back in May, after two months of quarantining? That’s a feeling we have learned to enjoy.

Many people have rediscovered the world around them thanks to the coronavirus. With more limited options for entertainment, they found themselves walking around their neighborhoods at night instead of running kids to soccer practices or attending meetings.

Our Associate Advisor Ellie V. Hojnacki says she and her husband, Jeff, have gone for many long walks along the Susquehanna River in Harrisburg. Being outside has also offered the chance for the couple to introduce themselves to those around them. “We have been able to meet new neighbors,” Ellie says.

2. A Safe Way to Hold a Wedding

Many people who planned big events for 2020, such as weddings and graduation celebrations, had to cancel their plans or completely overhaul them. Parties with lots of guests required adjustments for social distancing. It was certainly a difficult obstacle to navigate for brides, grooms, graduates and golden anniversary celebrants who’d been planning their big days for months.

But a little flexibility and ingenuity can go a long way, as our Assistant Commercial Realtor® Tesla Bretz discovered. She and her fiancé, Alex, had to replan their wedding, moving it from November to September, but they reframed their thinking, too, and found ways to improve on their original plans.

“We were able to do it outdoors, which allowed for a safer environment. Because it was earlier in the year, my grandparents could come without worry of weather,” Tesla says.

And the celebration was beautiful — Tesla was a radiant bride, and the outdoor venue couldn’t have been more stunning!

3. Reconnecting With Loved Ones

Laura Martin CCIM/CPM®, our owner, comes from a large family. She’s one of five children, and she and her siblings live all over the world, including one sister in Poland! That can make it challenging to schedule family get-togethers.

When the COVID outbreak began, people around the globe discovered the power of Zoom to conduct virtual meetings. Laura and her siblings began holding a Zoom call every other week to catch up, and it has become one of Laura’s favorite things.

“It has been so wonderful reconnecting with them. We never miss it!” she says.

Of course, through all the ups and downs of the pandemic, we’re thankful for our clients who have helped make 2020 an amazing year as well. We appreciate your belief in us, and we will continue to do our best for you, no matter the circumstances.